About us

The Rage’n Axe is unlike anything in our industry. We put the customer experience & safety first and foremost. Our staff is consistently pushing the boundaries with new ideas and innovative teaching techniques that has given our customers the ultimate Axe-perience.

As Veterans, we are proud of our great Nation and we want to preserve the American Dream. We take care of our own, FIRST, by giving employment opportunities to our fellow Veterans. Supporting our community is a critical part of our core values, and we appreciate your support.

What are you waiting for? GET YOUR AXE IN HERE!!

  • Must be 10 years or older to throw
  • Closed-toed shoes are required – no axe-ceptions
  • Maximum 12 people per lane (2 target per lane, 6 people per target. We have 10 lanes available for use).
  • Don’t be an axe-hole … Be neighborly to your fellow throwers, and please tip your coaches!
  • Every Flip’n Axe is Independently Owned and Operated by Veterans.